FM Technology Optimization

Facility Management (FM) Automation tools facilitate processes which deliver FM departmental objectives in support of an organization’s mission. Proper selection and implementation of FM tools is critical in determining the current and future value the FM department has to the organization as a whole. The appropriate tool can optimize the department’s effectiveness and increase their transparency to their customers.

Without proper management of software selection and implementation, most IT projects fail. They fail primarily through a misalignment of the project objectives, the project solution, and overall organizational goals. Integrating organizational objectives and the value provided by achieving the objectives with the selection and implementation process can insure the FM department’s successful support of these objectives.

MacKnight Associates assists their clients in the identification of functional requirements, product evaluation, selection, and implementation of new systems and the optimization of previously implemented systems. This includes an analysis of performance, performance measures, and benchmarking as well as review of current software platforms. MacKnight Associates has guided several clients through the selection process by developing a request for proposal, tracking action items and team member responsibilities, and acting in an advisory capacity during negotiations. MacKnight Associates’ supports the implementation effort with process revision, data base analysis, data table development and quality assurance activities performed in conjunction with the selected vendor. 


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